Naruto:The Setting Dawn 2.3

24. února 2009 v 21:12 |  Naruto hry
LF2 Naruto Mod
Update 2.3

Youtube Previews

-zxcv11791 (leader, coder, sprites)
-konkisuke (stages, backgrounds)
-nick65 (sprites)
-nave (coder, some sprites)
-zebas1 (sprites)


Neimad, Pakis Pride, Hyperlon, Hakumei, Zeky, yondy-hokage, kentaru-chou for the Rips
~gofanatix~, Hardedge for helping out with the sprites
Nightmare, Griever80 for the Sounds
Silva for the transformation exe
Kaitsu for moleboxing the game

-fixed yamato's stuck on tree bug
-decreased amount of chakra cost for kabuto's scapel mode
-added chakra cost for kabuto's temple of nirvana
-added limited control system to 4TK
-easier to tranform into kyubii now
-4tk isn't affected by catching or fire moves now
-changed itachi's clone explosion a little
-changed itachi's genjutsu attack a little
-upgraded itachi
-1 new secret character
-fixed various bugs with neji's byakguan system
-added missing sprites to a few characters


If I ignore your PMs, or questions, please just send them to me again. I go through loads everyday so I might miss some. Unless you were annoying me and asking for codes, character, etc. then yes I

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